Kai eats another raw meal and an update on the kittens

I was hoping Akira and Indra would eat the raw chicken on their own too, but they aren’t ready yet.

Only Kai is.

I’m rather worried about Akira and Indra. They are both active, but have not been putting on weight since Samantha stopped breastfeeding. I’ve been feeding them, but they aren’t drinking more than before (they should be, to make up for Samantha’s breast milk). Kai is drinking quite little, but he eats a small raw meal before milk, so his weight gain is okay.

And the kittens also take very long naps. When they were with Samantha, they suckled whenever they took naps, so that adds on to their nutrition. Now, they don’t have this anymore.

So I have to keep an eye on them, and the moment they wake up, I will feed them.

Akira tried to use the litter box by squatting in it, but nothing came out. She still needs to be stimulated to urinate.

So far, I have only managed to make Indra defecate. I hope Kai and Akira will defecate tomorrow.