Sam’s deadly scratch

Feeling sorry for Samantha, I let her out of the cage so that she doesn’t have to be confined and stressed out by it.

Little did I know how difficult it would be to catch her again.

It was madness!

It ended up with me having caught her, put on the soft e-collar which she so easily takes off all the time and when I carried her (thinking that I wouldn’t have to scruff her anymore), she scratched me so hard until blood spurted out and dripped all over the floor. You can imagine how bad that is.

And all because I felt sorry for her.

I rushed downstairs, got myself cleaned up and then, wiped off the trail of blood from upstairs to downstairs, then went back upstairs to catch her again.

Earlier, while changing the kittens’ hot water bottle, I had already scalded my left finger. Now, the right thumb has this bad scratch, so I’m handicapped on both hands. For someone who needs both hands (and all fingers) to do so much work each day, this is a real handicap!

This time, I entered the room and there is no more sympathy for Sam. Catch and put back into the cage.

I think she read my mind and this time, there was no more playing catch-me-if-you-can around the room. She stayed where she was.

I put back on the rubber gloves, caught her, and put her back in the cage with the e-collar which I know she will take off again in a jiffy.

I don’t know what disease you have, Samantha. But I’m doing my very best for you and looking after your kittens downstairs. Please try and cooperate instead of being so resistant.

But I bet Sam is probably saying, “I did not ask you to take me in to give birth in this bedroom, did I? Why did you do it? And now, you complain that I am not cooperating? Why should I? I want to be free. You’re the one who confined me to this room.”

I guess she does have a point there, doesn’t she?

Anyway, today, I did not bring the kittens up. Instead, I showed Samantha a video of her kittens. I know, it’s silly. But her eyes lit up when she saw her kittens’ video. I told her her kittens are fine. They are just downstairs.

Sometimes we do what we think is right, but it might not be perceived as “right” by the one whom we are trying to help. That’s life.

But at least I know Riley, Gerald and Creamy are all grateful and happy. Riley is so happy that she doesn’t want to leave the house even with the door wide open.

I hadn’t expected Samantha to suddenly contract this disease. The plan was to let her be with her kittens until they are 5-6 weeks old, wean them off, get Samantha spayed and she will be returned to the outdoor colony. Now, the entire plan cannot be “planned” until we know what disease Samantha has. If it is Cryptococcosis, I read that treatment takes at least 9 months.

Oh dear….poor Sam. Poor me.


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