The kitties in the kitchen

I woke up at 3am to check on the kittens. If they had been awake, I would have fed them, but they weren’t. So I decided to let them sleep. Riley (who sleeps right beside me) also followed me into the kitchen and she decided to jump in and stay with them.

Here they are at 5am when I fed them. They play with each other now and are really active. I think without Samantha’s milk, I have to feed them every 3 hours.

Indra, even though being the youngest, seems to be first in all things. When I stimulated them to urinate after feeding, Indra defecated! A big long nice-looking stool too! This is the first time I see stools. Before this, it has always only been urine.

Now, Kai seems to be the slowest. Maybe because he was so pampered by Samantha.

This is Kai. Hello, shake hands?

Indra went back to sleep after being fed and having defecated.

Akira is not dehydrated anymore now.

Riley is playing with them again now.

They are due for another feed already!