Kai eats another chicken meal!

So far, only Kai knows how to eat chicken on his own. For Akira and Indra, I am still only putting a very small amount into their mouths. They chew and swallow. But both are still not able to pick up minced chicken on their own from the plate yet.

In fact, the amount was not enough for Kai! He wanted more but by the time I went downstairs to get more, he didn’t want it anymore.

I’ll serve more the next round.

And now, I’m giving Samantha the same minced chicken too since I read that the mother-cat will teach her kittens how to eat solids.

Aww…Samantha hugging Indra!

I don’t see any fresh (new) lesions on Samantha, so I hope that’s a good sign. The existing lesions will take time to heal.

I am letting Samantha feed the kittens more now, but I am still monitoring the kittens’ weight to ensure they have enough.