At last!! (Sam feeds all three at one go)

The lyrics of At Last, the ballad by Ella Fitzgerald, instantly comes to mind…

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song

Samantha has finally learnt how to feed all three kittens at one go!!!

And they are going to 4 weeks old tomorrow where I should be starting to wean them off breast milk!

But never mind, it usually takes 2 weeks for the weaning to be completed.

This is the first time in 27 days that I see her lying down to let all three kittens feed at once.

It’s never too late. Kudos, Sam, kudos! Good girl!!

I think it is also because somehow, after the 2-day break, Samantha has sufficient milk now. The kittens don’t want me to supplement anymore too. Happy me…!!

But I will still be monitoring their weights.

On a serious note, the fading kitten syndrome can happen from birth until 6 weeks. I still have to keep an eye on little Indra.