Good morning, Sam and kitties!

I wasn’t feeling well last night (must be due to some sambal I ate at an eatery) so I could not get up to feed the kittens at 10pm. But I’m okay this morning.

So, Kai and Akira lost weight in the 4am weighing session this morning. But it isn’t too alarming. Indra gained weight because he was still suckling at 4am. Hence, sometimes the massive weight gain is due to the kittens having “just suckled”. I’ll still have to keep supplementing their feeds.

The morning paraphernalia – Vetri DMG for Sam and kittens, milk, minced chicken (there’s more in another container).

Akira ate minced chicken all by herself! She can pick up the pieces with her mouth now! First time! Indra still cannot. And Akira ate A LOT! Must have been so hungry because I couldn’t make the 10pm feed last night.

Gerald is outside the window. Sam wants to get out.

To my untrained eye, Sam’s lesions look better already. Let’s hope for the best!

If there are guardian angels who can help protect Sam and make her heal well, I bow to these guardian angels and thank them in advance. Whatever it is that Sam has, please let her heal without complications. I believe guardian angels will help. They exist. (I’m only using “guardian angels” to describe them since we are using Bahasa Penjajah here, I’m sure they are known by other names in other cultures. Dewa-dewi? Nothing religious about them, in my opinion. They just exist in Nature and live amongst us.)

All three kittens were very active this morning. They were exploring the surrounding area. And Sam has moved them too, into the blue box.

Slowly but surely, heal, heal, heal!

When the kittens were separated from Sam during those 2 days, whenever I stimulated them to urinate, I placed them in this litter box so as to give them the idea that they are supposed to urinate and defecate in it.

Sam wants to go out, I know.

The kittens are 27 days old today. Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks. The vet says Sam can be spayed 6 weeks after delivery. Another 2 more weeks of “confinement”, Sam, literally!

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