Sam and kittens’ updates plus an unexpected attack!

All is fine with Sam and her kittens.

My supplemental feedings are based on how much the kittens want now and also based on their weights.

After I finished the 8.30pm session, I came downstairs, prepared Samantha’s supper and took it upstairs to her room. As I opened the door, Riley rushed in. Riley is always waiting to rush in.

As I was in a hurry to get back downstairs (Jayden is spending the night), I asked Riley to follow me down but she refused. So I had to chase her out and she started playing hide-and-seek with me. I wanted to get down fast so I had to scruff Riley as my other hand was holding the tray.

All of a sudden, Samantha charged at me hissing and growling. She actually left her kittens to attack me. Let me tell you how I felt – I was SO scared. I thought if she had pounced on me, I would be at her mercy, probably bleeding from head to toe. She was like a wild animal coming at me. It instantly reminded me of Pole attacking and chasing Bobby all the way from the living room to the kitchen back door and then Pole pinned Bobby to the back door until he was trembling. All because kind Bobby just went a bit too near her kitties to look.

So I just stood still and stayed calm. Samantha was clearly very angry with me. The encounter took maybe a minute or two. Then I told Samantha I had to get Riley out because she cannot stay in the room for the night. For one, she will definitely eat up Samantha’s food. And I cannot be 100% sure if Riley won’t play too rough with the kittens. I cannot stay in the room to monitor them.

Then Samantha went back to her box with her kittens but she was still glaring at me.

After that, I opened the door to let her see that Riley was okay. She was just sitting outside the door, unharmed.

Now I wonder…is Riley Samantha’s daughter from an earlier litter? What do you think?