Samantha (it’s NOT crypto!!) and the kittens’ check-up

Today is the kittens’ 4th week deworming so I took Samantha along to see the kittens’ vet.

Good news – what Samantha has is not Cryptococcosis!! It looks like ringworm, according to the vet. And yet no fungus was detected with the light (it’s the same gadget as the one I have) but the vet says not all fungus can be detected with this light.

So the vet took a hair sample to look under the microscope. Only some bacteria was detected. To be very sure, she took some sample to culture for fungus. We will know in a few days’ time, but at least we know it is NOT anything that serious like sporo or crypto.

What a relief!!!!

In any case, the lesions are already so much dryer now. The vet says it is likely to be an allergic reaction too.

So Samantha was only prescribed a cream called Triderm. What a great relief!!!

The kittens were weighed and dewormed and their next check-up will be at 6 weeks. Coming next up – breaking news!!

And what’s the breaking news???
Please see the next post!!  Haha…

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