Longkang-Ginger escapes AGAIN!

Our part-time cleaner was yelling in the garden just now. Ginger had escaped from between her legs when she opened Stargate2.


It’s been SO long since Ginger last escaped.

Our cleaner felt so bad about it and was worried if Ginger fails to come back.

I told her he normally does come back when he is hungry. We would just have to wait for him.

After about an hour, I decided to try my luck.

Armed with a jar of Greenies, I went out the road. Jayden wanted to follow but it would be difficult to carry him AND Ginger, assuming I can even find Ginger.

I looked under the cars parked along the side of the road and spotted him under a neighbour’s car, just next door.

So I shook the Greenies jar and out came our longkang-friend.

Thank goodness he is still interested in Greenies.

I opened the cover, pour out some Greenies to let him eat on the road, then I went behind him and carried him up.

One hand carrying the Greenies jar, one hand carrying heavy Ginger, we came back to the house.

As always, there’s always a reward for coming back. You cannot scold him for anything because he would misconstrue the scolding as punishing him for coming back, which is totally counter-productive.

Jayden is scolding him, though.

Don’t go out, don’t you know how dangerous it is outside?? Even I don’t go out on my tricycle!

Lepak-ing with his Monsters back in the patio now.

So glad that was a short escape this round.

I have sent photos of the Longkang-Cat to our part-time cleaner so that she need not worry.