The kittens teach Samantha how to eat raw food!

On 6th March, Kai was the one who started to eat raw chicken breast meat.

She was the first.

Then, Akira followed closely. Indra was the last, being the youngest.

In the very next meal, Kai was already able to pick up the meat from the small plate all by herself.

(It is so strange writing about Kai and Indra and using the female pronouns now. I still cannot get used to it yet!)

It was only on 9th March that Akira could finally pick up the small bits of meat from the plate.

Indra is still learning and hasn’t quite mastered the art yet.

Seeing how her kittens are eating raw meat, Samantha started to learn.

Yes, from her kittens!

So instead of the mother-cat teaching her kittens how and what to eat. Her kittens just took to raw meat naturally and they taught her instead!

Samantha had been eating Primal Freeze-Dried (yes, very modern raw food) since I took her indoors. So it was only about 3 days ago that Samantha, seeing how well Kai was eating, also started eating raw chicken.

Today, Kai, Akira and Indra (yes, even Little Indra) ate Cubgrub’s Raw Rabbit! They just took to it so naturally. Rabbit is a cat’s biologically-appropriate food. Wildcats eat birds and rodents in the wild, so a mother wildcat would hunt these animals and teach her kittens how to eat them.

And naturally, Samantha ate it too!

So as it stands now, the kittens have eaten raw chicken and raw rabbit.

I also offered Coco&Joe’s Chicken to the kittens and Kai and Akira ate it. Indra isn’t ready for it yet. Coco&Joe’s contains more ingredients while Cubgrub is based on the PMR model (a more back-to-basics and primal recipe).

And did Samantha eat Coco&Joe’s Chicken too? You bet she did!

Samantha follows her kittens!

Another thing I just discovered is that the kittens prefer to eat off my finger than from a plate. So again, the kittens prefer all things natural. The plate isn’t natural to them. My finger is!

Lead the way, kitties!!

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  • It is interesting to note how kittens are naturally learning to eat raw meat, without the need for teaching from the mother cat. This can be attributed to cats’ natural instinct for their biologically appropriate diet.