Jayden, the youngest street cat feeder here!

This morning, Jayden went out to the porch, took the kibble jar and went towards the gate to look for Gerald and Creamy!

All by himself!!

But I had already fed Gerald and Misty this morning. Creamy doesn’t come in the mornings nowadays. Only evenings.

But as though reading our minds, Gerald came!! And he played along to let Jayden feed him.

Such good boys, both of you, Jayden and Gerald!

As it stands now, Jayden is the official next-gen successor of AnimalCare!!

CNRM starts with C=Care. Jayden has definitely taken a strong and steady first step!

AnimalCare’s principles are: Honesty, Sincerity and Courtesy – this is as sincere as it can get. One year-olds don’t lie!