A new protein for the kittens and Sam!

The kittens ate raw chicken and cooked sardines today! This is Coco&Joe’s Chicken & Fish recipe.

Just as a gentle reminder, cats absolutely CANNOT eat raw fish. So no sushi for cats, please. Raw fish contains thiaminase which destroys the thiamine (vit B) in their body and this can be fatal. Please see below for more information about fish for cats.

Last night, Indra was fast asleep so I did not wake him up for feeding. Now, all of them are quite okay so I let them sleep if they are sleeping. Sleep is also essential for growth.

This morning, all three were awake! Indra was the first to eat.

Indra still needs to be prompted before she will eat. First I have to put a small amount of meat into her mouth. Then, she will eat off my finger. Later, from a plate.

Akira also needs some prompting.

Kai doesn’t need any prompting. She eats directly from the plate now.

Their weights this morning are 601g, 557g and 588g (Kai, Akira and Indra). Kai was crossed the 600g mark!!

As it stands now, the kittens have eaten raw chicken, raw rabbit and cooked sardines.

About fish in a cat’s diet:

Can cats eat fish

Cats most certainly can eat fish. An occasional fishy snack won’t be harmful to your cat in most cases, but it isn’t a nutritionally complete food source for your cat. It means that while fish will provide your cat with the protein it needs, it is deficient in various minerals and vitamins that your cat needs for a healthy diet. Fish for cats should always be an occasional treat.

So, why do cats like fish? Over time modern domestic cats have come into contact with fish and developed a fascination with them. From their distinct smell and how they move to their glistening scales that play with the light, fish are simply irresistible to cats. Fish for cats is a fascinating, glittering toy that smells peculiarly interesting.

Can cats eat raw fish


It’s a hard no-no. Raw fish is unsuitable for cats as it contains an enzyme called thiaminase that destroys thiamine which is an essential B vitamin for your cat. If cats have too little thiamine, they might experience some severe health problems.

What’s more, raw fish is usually a breeding ground for bacteria which, like in humans, can cause food poisoning in your cat. Take E. coli and salmonella as examples of two hazardous bacteria that can affect felines and humans.