Creamy is back!!!

I was very worried the whole of yesterday when Creamy did not turn up for food at all.

The whole day.

I worry that Misty, being the gangster that she is, had driven Creamy away from our porch. Gerald couldn’t have scared Creamy away because the dynamics is such that Gerald is the most mild-mannered porch cat.

Creamy bullies Gerald. Misty bullies both Creamy and Gerald. Gerald bullies no one.

Lately, Gerald has become friends with Misty too.

So where does this leave Creamy?

By nightfall seeing Creamy hadn’t come for food, I started calling for Creamy but he still did not turn up.

I was going to go out to look for Creamy this morning after I fed everyone. Gerald and Misty came to eat at 3.30am. Gerald has this uncanny knack of knowing when I wake up even if I don’t make a sound. He’d come to the porch and start singing his “Good Morning, Please Feed Me Already” song. Then Misty appears out of nowhere.

So, just when I was about to go out of the door….

…Creamy was there at the door!!!

Creamy’s back!! Creamy’s back!!

I quickly gave him his favourite Tender Chicken canned food.

Of course Gerald was also here. He wanted another meal.
Gerald’s stomach is a bottomless pit. I don’t know how much he can eat in a day.

Engkau ni dah jadi penghuni bermastautin tetap, ya?
Jangan terlalu bersikap gangster, boleh? 

She is still behaving like a gangster, though. Sikit pun tak ladylike langsung. 

But I must say, she looks quite pretty. Look at those eyes.

At least our two boys eat with my decorum and good manners. No snatching from each others’ bowls. But Misty? Misty comes right up and just puts her head there and eat from the same bowl as the boys’ when she already has her own bowl!

Gangster betul. 

Creamy plays with Riley.

I haven’t been able to take my morning walks ever since Gerald decided he MUST accompany me on them. The guards here call him my “bodyguard”.

So the thing with cats is that they will never roam far from their colony. This means that if I let Gerald follow me (I don’t have a choice, he just trots after me), the distance that I can cover is very restricted. I cannot do my normal rounds to achieve a minimum of 2km per day. And I need to achieve 2km per day so that I can keep my HDL level high enough. HDL is elevated through rhythmic exercise such as walking, jogging and swimming. I’ve got a heart issue since young, so I cannot jog. I don’t have the luxury of a private swimming pool though I love to swim. So, walking is all I can do.

But I have to find a way to go about this because I need to do that 2km walk. So I let Gerald and Creamy follow me this morning.

Here they are.

They followed only until about 200m, then they stopped. I did a small round so that they won’t have to worry so much about me being “too far from the colony”. And each time I came back to that spot where they left me, they were there waiting for me.


I’m so glad Creamy is back! I do think he has a home somewhere on the street at the back, though.

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