The huge fight between Cow Mau and Rey

Finally…Cow Mau could not take anymore of Rey’s nonsense.

A HUGE fight occurred yesterday morning.

I had to use the water hose to break them up. But both refused to budge. So both ended up totally wet. Finally, I managed to separate them and chased Rey back to the catio.

But in no time, Rey was back again.

Is he ever going to learn?

I later spotted just some blood stain above Cow’s eye. It wasn’t his blood. It was just some stain on his fur.

Rey is none the worse.

But everyone at the catio was so terrified by the war cries, they didn’t dare to eat their breakfast until much later.

It was, however, nothing to Cleo and Indy. Just an ordinary day for them, that’s all. Dah biasa…

He’s back in Bunny’s Place again. He never learns.

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