The kittens are climbing all over!!

Between cut-up chicken meat and Coco&Joe’s, they prefer the latter. Smart kittens!

Samantha now eats cut-up meat, Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and Primal Freeze-Dried.

Akira climbed up the chair yesterday.

Aww…big sister Riley is looking after her. It reminds me of Cow Mau looking after Tiger. They were just 3 months apart in age, but Cow Mau looked after him.

Kai and Akira up on the chair. Little Indra is not able to.

Later, I found all three up here already!

This was classic. If only I had my hands free to take a video. Indra was stuck on the tarpaulin. She could not get down. Samantha came up and offered Indra her shoulder.

Wow!!  If only I could have caught it on video!