The relationship dynamics in our porch (Creamy, Misty, Gerald)

(Kah Yein’s sharing)

So, all three of them came this morning. Phew!

The dynamics today is such that Creamy has teamed up with Misty to bully poor, poor Gerald.

Ini dua orang sudah berkawan baik.

Poor Gerald is so terrified of BOTH of them until he did not dare to eat.

I had to feed him elsewhere, away from the two bullies.

By the way, my friend (who works at a shelter) visited me yesterday and she says looking at Misty, it appears that she has just given birth. Wow! But it could be true. My friend pointed out the nipples and mammary glands.

So could Misty be the pregnant tortie who Samantha fought off so ferociously last time? I think so! That means both ladies gave birth at around the same time? If this is the case, can I already catch Misty for neutering? But where are her kittens? Oh dear…it’s the same story like Samantha’s, all over again.

Well, at least for Misty, she goes off after eating, which means she is still feeding her kittens.

I hope!

And if she is, imagine how furious Samantha would be if she knows that Misty has taken her spot in our porch!!!  Uh-oh…

Finally I got them to eat together!

Misty will not be easy to catch. She’s female and she’s a tortie (incredibly smart). It took us so long to finally catch Samantha (something like 3 months or more).

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