Updates from UTM Equine Park in Johor Bahru (by Kimberley Chai Wai Xian)

Ms Kimberley Chai is a new applicant who has only claimed for the neutering of one cat, Oyen: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/02/09/neutering-aid-for-1-cat-in-skudai-kimberley-chan-wai-xians/

She has sent updates:

Hello Kah Yein, it’s Kim again, from UTM Equine Park. I want to let you know that Oyen is doing well and is still hanging around our premises. I have made a note of all the cats in our area and would like to update you about them. I’m naming them for easy reference
Oyen1, male (neutered with your aid)
Oyen2, male – still too young to neuter
Snowy – white siamese male
Comot – tortoiseshell female
Grey1 – grey female with mange all over body
Mami – constantly pregnant mother cat, is currently still pregnant 
Putih – large white female
Grey2 – big unfriendly male, still unable to catch, befriend, or trap.
So it looks like there are 8 cats (that i know of) in the colony. This is quite overwhelming at the moment. Snowy and Grey1 unfortunately, seems to be a victim of cat dumping. They both suddenly showed up overnight, both with very bad mange all over the body. I am treating the mange now. I am also worried… are we eligible for spay/neuter aid for all of them? It is a big cost… also thinking how to update you all their pictures via the google forms, thats why I thought to shoot you an email first.
Many thanks
For the meantime here are some pictures of Snowy – he looks like a DLH type and quite nice kitten too so it baffles me why people want to abandon a kitten like this at our stables/cafe. And there is a group pic of some of them – this is Comot, Snowy and Oyen2 (Oyen2 looks like he has a burn wound from hot water… its healed now but we wonder if he got hurt or was abused at the nearby cafe). I will send you photos of the others soon. Sorry I don’t have many at the moment. In future I will do a proper compilation and label all of them properly. And of course you will get an update about Oyen1.
Thanks so much.

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