Good morning, kittens!

The kittens are all very active every morning. They will be playing around the chairs and climbing up and down while Samantha just sits and watches.




I cannot weigh them any longer because they have got too big for the kitchen scale now! They are also moving all the time, so they don’t stay still enough for a reading. But the vet did say that if they are all active and healthy, they should be okay.

Kai and Indra have already passed the 600g mark while Akira is almost there too.

Samantha’s lesions are healing. I have stopped applying the Triderm cream now and am letting it heal naturally.

The next task will be to get Samantha spayed. The question is: When?

Well, soon!

Then, she will probably want to go back out and then we will have another problem – Misty.

Misty seems to have taken Samantha’s slot in our porch now so Samantha will have to fight back for her place.

Misty is still impossible to be caught. As in all females, she is way too cautious and is still hissing at me even though she demands for food and I give it to her. And to top it, she’s a tortie with tortitude!

The friendliest cats are, generally, in my limited experience, tabbies and gingers. Topping the list on being the sweetest are the gingers.

However, among Kai, Akira and Indra, guess who is the most precocious?


Yesterday, my husband came into the room to look at them (he seldom associates with them), Kai and Akira were okay, but Indra?

Little Indra hissed at him and did an about-turn hop and showed him her butt!

Our youngest little kitty has spunk!

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