Oh no! Where is Kai??

Kai was missing during the 8.30pm feeding session just now.

She was totally missing.

How could she go missing??

The windows are all security windows with a double locking system. There is NO WAY a cat can open them, what more little kitten.

But she was really, really missing.

I kept calm and fed Indra and Akira first. Then, Samantha ate. I asked Samantha where Kai was, but of course she did not answer me at all. She just hissed at me.

Oh well…

After feeding Samantha, I looked for Kai again.

This was madness, the room isn’t so big and there aren’t many hiding places, where was she??

Finally, guess who found her?

Our hero and big sister, Riley!!!!

You see this? The divan has three layers of covering. First, it’s the double-layered bedspread, then the tarpaulin and finally the PE mat. And where was Kai?

Kai was in between the two layers of the bedspread, like she was sandwiched between the bedspread. Then this was covered by the tarpaulin and the PE mat. And being still so small, I could not see any bump on the mat at all.

Thank goodness I did not step on the mat!!  Horrors!!

You’re a hero, Riley!!

I got Kai out and fed her. In the photo above, she’s the one behind the chair leg.

Our hero!! Our big sister!!

Riley can really read minds. Unlike Samantha…haha.

Don’t forget, though, that it is highly possible that Riley is Samantha’s daughter from a different litter and Samantha is Smurfy’s sister from the same litter, thereby making Samantha Minnie’s daughter. So that also makes her Rey, Robin and Lynx’ elder sister.

That would make Minnie a grandmother already. Wow!! Do I have one big, big family here?