Who might you be, little one? (Hiro’s arrival)

An update: Sakura has been renamed Hiro. 

I think Misty brought her kitten to our porch this morning.

I was feeding Gerald and Misty when suddenly a tiny little tortie (and I mean, really tiny) popped out from under my car.

I think she’s a tortie, but she could be just a black tabby.

I quickly placed a bowl of canned chicken in front of her, but she went back under the car. I tried a bowl of kibble too (luckily I just bought some kitten kibble – it was supposed to be for Cow Mau). She started biting the side of the bowl, but could not get to the kibble.

I couldn’t catch her at all as she was under the car, and right smack in the middle. I couldn’t get in. But I could see that she couldn’t even open her eyes. They were both covered in discharge which looked caked up. Poor, poor thing.

I had to wait…Meanwhile, Misty was busy eating and appeared to be nonchalant about her kitten under the car and me trying to catch her.

After I went back into the house, I peeked and the kitten had come out in the open.

There’s my chance!  Misty was also there with Gerald.

I went out slowly and calmly and managed to catch her!!  Misty did not protest or object at all.

Of course, as always, Riley tries to help.

Riley is like…Uncle Bobby. Always trying to help and always sympathetic to kittens.

She is a tortoiseshell. Definitely.

Her name will be Sakura, the cherry blossom. Ever resilient. Ever beautiful.

Even Tabs is interested this time.

The first thing I did was to give her milk since she doesn’t know how to eat solids yet. But I can see she already has teeth, and canines too. This could mean she is already 4 weeks old. I haven’t checked her molars. Maybe not yet.

She will stay here for the time being.

Misty was still outside in the porch, mewing. Poor girl. I opened the door to let Misty inside, but she did not want to come in. Gerald wanted, though.

But I think Misty knows her kitten is safe with me. Maybe that is why Misty brought her.

Too bad I have a really busy day today. I have an appointment in the morning, and dental surgery in the afternoon. And I know it is impossible to get the first slot at the vet’s without making an appointment.

Sakura perked up after two rounds of milk. She even managed to escape from the enclosure in the kitchen and come out to the dining room. I think she is not in any immediate weakness that require the vet’s intervention. Maybe if my surgery ends early, I can get her to the vet’s this evening.