After nebulizing…and is Sakura male?? (Renamed Hiro)

After nebulizing, Sakura was so, so active. I guess the Ventolin mist really helps her feel better.

Now that I’m finally not so frazzled (yesterday was a totally mad day for me), I realised that Sakura isn’t a tortoiseshell at all. Silly me… Why did I assume she’s a tortie just because Misty is one? Maybe it’s because Sakura’s face looks like a tortie face.

Anyway, she is not a tortie. She is a black-grey tabby like Robin!

And you know what I think now? Sakura could be male.

Triple facepalm…

I always give gender-neutral names to kittens and this is the very first time I did not because I just assumed Sakura was a tortie, hence 100% female.

Silly me.

Can Sakura be a male name? Haha… I checked and it is also a Japanese surname. Mr Sakura or Sakura-san.

I named her Sakura because it’s around now that the sakura blooms in Japan. Or, is it early April?  Yes, round about then. Also, I thought she was a tortie and torties are often regarded as “untidy-looking”, so I wanted to give her a pretty name, after the cherry blossom.

I am quite sure now, that Sakura is male. Haha..

No wonder I felt a lump when I stimulated her/him for urination.

So, should I change his name?

I’m thinking of Hiro or Seiko.