Good morning, Sakura (renamed Hiro)

I got up at 1.30am to check in on Sakura (renamed Hiro).

I slept really early last night, completely knocked out from the dental surgery. So I got up at 1.30am and could not go back to sleep, might as well start the day…very early, though!

Sakura got up shortly after that and came out to play.

Now that I have got a closer look, I don’t think she is a tortie. Maybe she is a black-grey tabby, like Robin.

Since coming back from the vet’s, Sakura has not been interested in eating on her own. So I force fed her some raw meat (and got my finger bitten by tiny but extremely sharp teeth!) and Cindy’s baby food (tender chicken with goat milk) by syringe (much better for my poor fingers!).

I fed her this morning and then gave her her medicines – two antibiotics, a mucolytic and an anti-histamine plus an eyedrop.

She reminds me of Indy when first rescued. He was also in dire straits and was this size. Indy is 15 years old this year.

Coming next up…nebulizing Sakura.