Hiro and the princesses

Here’s Hiro eating by himself.

I’ve nebulized him too. His breathing is still a little snorty at times. But he is active and definitely alert. He’s also very well-behaved. He comes out from the carrier to play by himself, then he goes back in to sleep.

Such a sweet little boy.

And Hiro has used the litter box.

This aluminium foil tray was bought when Minnie’s boys were small. Luckily we kept them.

Upstairs, finally, someone has used their litter box to urinate. I picked up today’s faeces and placed it into the litter box to give them the idea.

The princesses are all doing fine. Kai and Akira can eat on their own without any catalyst. Indra still needs me to place some food into her mouth before she starts eating. They also eat at 6-8 hour intervals.

They are only suckling for comfort today.