If you have any suggestions….(Part 3) – an ultrasonic device?

So the neighbour replied that all he wants is for NO cats to go into his house compound.

Try white vinegar, I suggested. Or the anti-cat sprays as other neighbours have suggested. Use the water hose, but he says he doesn’t have time to monitor. He says the cats come at night or when they are not at home. He even offered to give funds or food as long as NO cats go into his house compound.

My reply:

I hear you and I sympathise with what you are facing. I do not know how to stop stray cats from coming to your house. They are strays and they will go wherever they like. Maybe you could try vinegar as they do not like the strong smell. Wash those affected areas with vinegar. Or the sprays that our neighbours recommended. Those might work. I have a spray, I can pass it to you since I’m not using it. But no guarantee if it would work.

But one thing I’ve noticed is this: If you feed them, they won’t dirty your house. Cats are clean animals whereby they will go far away from their food source to defecate and urinate. Or, if you place a litter box, they might do it there (again, I cannot guarantee because it depends on their individual tendencies).

Let me search for information and see if there are other ways that might help in your concerns. If there are, I will post them here for the benefit of the whole neighbourhood.

Thank you for your very kind offer to sponsor food and funds, but there is no need for such. It is very kind of you.

In my old neighbourhood, I’ve told neighbours to use the water hose and it worked for them. But I understand you are busy and cannot keep an eye on them.

Try the vinegar? Just the cheap white vinegar will do. I hope the strong smell will deter them from coming. Most of the strays I see come from 1A, the street at the back. Some are people’s pets as they have collars. I do not feed the ones with collars. I shoo them back to their homes.

A friend shared this:

An ultrasonic animal deterrent device. You can get it online.


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