If you have any suggestions….(Part 6) – the harmless water sprinkler

My friend, Anne, found this: https://shopee.com.my/amp/Pest-Control-Motion-Sensor-Water-Sprinkler-to-chase-away-dog-and-cat-i.237763177.3720689983.

It is the water sprinkler to chase away dogs and cats harmlessly.

I have shared it with the neighbourhood.

Thank you so much, Anne! It is practical and harmless ideas like these that we need. We understand that not everyone will ever like or accept street animals, but we want to keep the animals safe, so we have to find solutions that does not harm the animals and hopefully, are acceptable to the humans.

This is why again and again, we emphasise on the need for humane education to start from the young. It is unfortunate that my open letter the education minister was ignored. This means we have to do it ourselves, in our own homes.