If you have any suggestions….(Part 7) – and it was the musang?

A supportive friend was texting me after having read my blogposts, sharing what she did at her own neighbourhood, she also told me that when all else fails, ask the guardian angels to help!!

About half an hour after that, another neighbour texted me private to tell me that after having observed the photos closely, they are not cat paw prints. They look more like musang paw prints!! Cats do not have a long index paw.

And the Universe has answered! Or maybe the guardian angels have.

And it so happened that I helped get a blood donor for this neighbour’s dog before many years ago, so I asked if he would be so kind as to post his astute observation in the chatgroup for the whole neighbourhood to read.

He did!

As it turned out, this neighbour is a musang rescuer and he has even built a musang shelter on his roof top! Wow! He rescues musangs and relocates them to a safe haven.

So if indeed the paw prints in the photos from the neighbour who said it’s cats turns out to be musang paw prints, then perhaps the musang rescuing neighbour can offer some suggestion to help him out.

And hopefully, Part 7 will be the last we hear of this case?

But not really….inspite of all the explanations by two neighbours now that the prints are not those of a cat’s, the neighbour who complained says his problem is with cats as he has seen them around his house.

There will be a Part 8, I’m afraid.






4 responses to “If you have any suggestions….(Part 7) – and it was the musang?”

  1. Agnes

    From my observation, if you feed them, they don’t mess up your compound. Cats somehow know not to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’.

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, I told him this.

  2. Agnes

    I learned from Dr Susanna long time ago that she told her neighbours that she or her maid will clean up any mess caused by her cats, and even touch up their cars if there are scratches made by her cats!

    1. chankahyein

      Dr Susanna told me the same thing. Hence, my first offer was to go clean up his compound for him, but he declined the offer.