If you have any suggestions….(Part 8) – hopefully, the finale

So, two neighbours said that based on his photos, the paw prints were that of a musang’s, definitely not a cat’s. I chipped in saying the droppings actually did look like a herbivore’s droppings and not a cat’s too. But when he posted last night, I thought he had seen the cat doing it. Hence, I responded based on that.

Meanwhile, neighbours have texted me personally to voice their support. I wish they would post it in the groupchat, though. It would lend support to the animals (and to me). But granted, some people do not wish to engage in any contentious conversations.

Then some neighbours did write in a very friendly way that we are lucky to be living in an area where we get to enjoy and see so many different animals such as the musang, various birds and other creatures.

But I think the fact that two neighbours have testified that the prints were that of a musang’s did not go down well with the complainant. So he reiterated that he does not wish to debate on what animal those paw prints belong to. His problem is with cats. Period.

It’s cats. No doubt about it. It’s the cats.

And I don’t think I will be posting anything anymore. I have already offered to go clean up his house of the droppings or urine (cats’ or musangs’, I don’t know now). I have passed to him three types of sprays for cleaning. I have given him the shopee link to purchase a water sprinkler meant for chasing away dogs and cats. Also, sent him the link of various humane ways to stop animals from coming to one’s house compound.

There is nothing more I can do at the moment.

But I do want to thank the moral support readers have given me here, personally and on Facebook. A reader from Sabah wrote to me personally with words of encouragement too – thank you so much, Madam.

I’ll end with this: