Gerald, where are you?

I freaked out this morning.

I was just too dead tired to wake up at 5am when Gerald and Misty came calling. I knew they were calling, but I could not get up. All mentally drained after doing battle with the complainant for almost 2 days. I’m almost never physically tired, but I can be mentally drained.

I finally woke up at 7am which is really late for me.

I fed Hiro as he was already awake and hungry. I thought I heard Gerald and Misty out in the porch too. But Hiro gets priority.

I also always either handle Hiro first or last, then I sanitise my hands before handling everyone else.

By the time I was done feeding Hiro, I did not hear Gerald anymore, so I quickly fed the princesses upstairs and everyone else.

Then I went out to the porch but Gerald wasn’t there anymore. Oh no…where is Gerald?

I asked my husband if he had seen Gerald but he said he only heard him at 5am. Yes, so did I.

I went out, called for him softly so that the complainant won’t hear me. I might even have to change their bowls to plastic bowls to avoid the metal sound which is so sharp.

To think that last time, when I fed Daffodil, Rosie, Ginger, Timmy and Raven outside my gate at the culvert, that idiot of a neighbour (excuse my French, please), yes, a woman who has since moved away, came over to scold me for attracting cats to the road, saying when the old owner was living here, she never had this problem. Her boyfriend was also an idiot. Sorry, I am done mincing my words and being polite nowadays.

So for the sake of the cats, I moved my feeding station inside my porch and I thought I’d be safe, but now…this other neighbour kicked up a fuss two days ago.

Hello, I’m feeding inside my porch, why is that a problem with you? Oh, the problem is I’m attracting cats to the road. Same old story, eh?

No use telling him these cats came on their own. He won’t believe me or he will say: Yeah, ‘coz you feed them. If you don’t, they won’t keep coming. 

So, this earth belongs ONLY to you, is it?

Ok, I’m going to say a series of expletives right now, which I will not type out here.  When I’m done, I’ll continue writing.

I know this argument isn’t going to do down well with these humans, but just please let me vent for a few minutes.

We have to placate them for the sake of the animals’ safety.

Yups, until something like the Planet of the Apes occur, then….see if I placate them anymore.

Anyway, I continued looking for Gerald was quietly as I could….he was nowhere to be seen, which is so strange. He’s always either in our porch or in the other next-door’s house. Now, this next-door is a nice man. He’s a foreigner but he isn’t mean at all. His wife is so afraid of furry creatures (ok, I understand, I’m afraid of some reptiles too, I don’t blame her), but she doesn’t hate them. She is just afraid of them. There is a huge difference between the two.

Gerald also did not come running to me when I went out to the park. WHERE is he??

After some time, finally…

Gerald came running back with Misty!!!!

You’re safe, my good friend, you’re safe.

Why won’t you want to stay indoors, Gerald, ol’ boy? If only you would, you can stay with Sam and your girls.

My plans to convert them both to raw food has taken a back seat, with the recent fiasco. But I will continue doing it in my own time.