Of princesses and a queen

While little Hiro who came from the street is using his litter box so well, our princesses upstairs…sigh, still has not learnt. To be fair, I think it could be just one or two of them, but someone else has been using the litter box (I picked up smallish stools in it this morning).

But this isn’t surprising, when living a life of luxury, one gets pampered and behaves as such. That’s quite normal, isn’t it? Especially with humans.

Riley has not been able to teach them toilet rules too. Neither has Samantha.

But they are all eating well, which is all good.

Samantha’s face is healing well. Slowly, but surely.

All good, all good!

It’ll be a sad day when I have to give them up for adoption. Minnie and her boys’ adoption did not work out and I took them all back after 1.5 years without Rio (he passed away of unexplained causes). I’m phobic with adoptions.

The plan was actually to adopt the princesses, get Samantha spayed and returned to our porch, but after the fiasco with the neighbour yesterday, I need to rethink about releasing Samantha. But Samantha may not be happy living indoors. She is a free spirit.

If only Samantha could be happy living indoors, I don’t mind adopting all of them, actually, given my fear of rehoming after Minnie & her boys. My husband says if they are females, he doesn’t mind. His issue with males is that they spray urine after awhile. It’s got nothing to do with being neutered or not. Our males always end up spraying because they become confident and alpha. Ours is a multi-cat household so there will always be territorial problems.

A very, very kind friend who runs a shelter offered to help me out after hearing about my encounter with the neighbour yesterday. I thank her from the bottom of my heart but I do not want to trouble her unless absolutely necessary.

As it stands now, we aren’t 100% sure if Kai and Indra are female. Most likely yes. But not 100% sure yet.

I’m even willing to bring Gerald in so that he is safer (you know what I mean), but Gerald has two issues. (1) He has started spraying as well (he tried the last time I let him in) and (2) He is WAY too vocal, he’s so loud and so talkative, the neighbours will definitely complain. He just loves to talk.

Ginger used to be very vocal as well. Yes, our Uncle Ginger.