The Monsters

Who exactly are the Monsters?

I know I sometimes confuse everyone and I’m sorry!

The Monsters are actually Rey, Lynx and Robin and Smurfy. I mean, officially, they are the Monsters. But sometimes I include Minnie too. Ginger is a not a Monster, he’s Uncle Ginger now, elevated to the status of an “uncle” like Uncle Bobby.

He’s the Uncle at the catio which is named after him, ie. Ginger’s Catio.

The boys still absolutely adore him and so does Minnie. There’s just this chemistry amongst them right from Day One. I swear, if I could turn back to clock and if I weren’t so sick, I would never have given Minnie and her boys up for adoption. But what’s done has been done and we can only move on now.

They are all healthy and thriving with a 100% raw diet.

The Monsters destroyed their cat tree a few days ago.

They are not called The Monsters for no reason, right?