Training Gerald

Last night, Gerald was mewing at Samantha’s window. So I opened the window and quickly pulled him in before Samantha escaped.

I let him spend some time in the room with his (biological) family and Riley. He mewed nonstop, but it wasn’t that loud so I don’t think it would have disturbed the neighbours.

I finally let him out to the rest of the house. It won’t be easy domesticating Gerald as he is happier being an outdoor cat, as is his right.

But I’ll try and get him used to the house, just in case. You know what I mean.

I was considering Bunny’s Place for Gerald and even Samantha and eventually, the princesses. But Gerald was clearly unhappy when I tried putting him there.

I took Gerald out to Ginger’s Catio last night too. But it won’t work, because the Monsters as a pack mentality. I know, they are not dogs nor are they descended from wolves, but they work as a pack.  They surrounded Gerald even with me holding him and sitting on a chair.

Ginger was being nonchalant and not defending his fellow ginger-mate. Probably calling all the shots telepathically? You fellows kau-tim this guy for us, okay? 

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