Everything, everywhere, all at once!

After successfully catching Misty, I let her settle in first. There’s no point in putting her into the carrier so early, it would be so stressful for her.

But I must say that between Riley, Samantha and Misty, who were all caught in exactly the same raffia string way, Misty is the least stressed. Samantha was the worst.

So Misty settled behind the front door.

I quickly fed the Super Seniors (with Tabs inside) and the Monsters (with Ginger). Gerald was being very vocal all over the house and nobody could quieten him down. He’s not stressed, he’s just…vocal. He loves to talk. For a male cat, he definitely talks too much.

When I went back into the kitchen, guess what I saw…

Aww……. Misty has gone into Hiro’s enclosure in the kitchen. Aww…

She’s actually a very sweet cat. Her tortitude is much less than Samantha’s cattitude.

Gerald also came in and was again making a lot of noise, so I had to pacify him with food. He’s eating raw food, by the way.

Now, with everyone downstairs already fed, I had to go up to feed Sam, Riley and the princesses. Gerald followed me up. He is literally, everything, everywhere, all at once. Literally.

He followed me inside the room and started making noise.

Riley was up in arms trying to protect each kitten. The kittens were oblivious to Gerald except Kai. Kai confronted Gerald and hissed at him. Yes, hissing at her father, but let’s not anthropomorphise. Kai doesn’t know. Kai even went sideways to confront Gerald.

Kai’s tail is all fluffed up. I missed the video as I was busy feeding Akira.

Indra was playing. She doesn’t quite know what is going on.

Akira was eating.

Samantha was eating too but Riley wasn’t. She was still busy protecting every kitten. She’s more motherly than Sam, right?

Got this family photo but without Indra (who was busy playing).

I quickly put Indra here to take a family photo. Can you see Kai? She’s climbing down the back of the chair.

Everyone is here.

The two makeshift cardboard litter boxes failed to do its work. These are the two spots where Indra pees and poos.

Indra decided to do it in another corner of the room. Sigh. Silly little princess.

Gerald has more or less settled in, but is still vocalising. This room is pretty near to the complainant-neighbour and the back neighbour, so that’s risky.

By now, all the princesses have eaten and so has Samantha but Riley hasn’t. I had to make sure Riley ate some food too.

So I went out of the room and took Riley out with me. To make Riley eat, the easiest is either to force feed her or offer her kibble (I know I shouldn’t but today’s a crazy day). So Riley got kibble which she happily ate. I’ve actually weaned her off kibble. Never mind, will start all over again.

Then a bit later, I heard cats playing or scuffling in Riley’s room. I thought it was Gerald and Riley, but it turned out to be…

…Misty and Riley, half playing, half scuffling around the tunnel.

Misty had come upstairs all by herself. So I took the opportunity to confine Misty in Riley’s room. Prepared a water bowl and litter box for her too. Let’s hope she won’t urinate or defecate on the bed. Will take away the water bowl to ensure she is fasted in case the vet can do the spaying today.

So now, Misty is still confined upstairs in Riley’s room. Riley is back downstairs.

Tabs is out of Bunny’s Place and back in the living room.

And I don’t have to ban the use of the front door for now. Gerald is back outside in the porch so that he won’t make anymore noise (he still might).

I’m waiting for Jayden to come now.

And hopefully the vet can give me an appointment for Misty today.


Truly, a morning of everything, everywhere, all at once!!!

I hope I don’t have to catch another cat anytime soon!