Ladies and gentlemen….Misty!

I caught Misty this morning!!

It all started with feeding Misty and Gerald at 4am this morning. There was no plan to catch Misty, actually.

But at around 5.20am, there was the sound of some activity in the porch. I went to check and Bushy was in our porch but Gerald was keeping him at bay.

Good boy, Gerald, good boy! Misty was at the food bowls. She did not go towards Bushy. Good girl, Misty.

So Gerald was doing his CNRM-duty, chasing Bushy away. Bushy, by the way, is a collared unneutered pedigree cat. Someone’s pet. Not neutered. But allowed to roam freely.

So that’s it, I have to catch Misty fast.

The operation was set in motion.

But I had already fed both of them this morning. And I gave them THREE cans of food too. They wouldn’t be hungry so fast. What a waste…food’s not going to work.

Anyway, I had to try. Jayden did not stay overnight, so there’s no issue of waking him up. He will only be coming at 7.25am.

Husband was still asleep, but I woke him up. We simply have to catch Misty today.

So I opened the front door. Of course Gerald came in.

Misty was just outside the door. But lately, she’s been letting me approach closer to her without hissing at me. So I think she does trust me now. So sorry, Misty, this is for your own good. My intentions are all good, Misty. I hope you understand.

Gerald was in.

I quickly put out two bowls of kibble. The most fragrant that I have and something new that they have not tasted before.

She’s in. But there’s no way I can get her inside and close the door without the raffia string.

Tabs was around and she went towards Misty. I quickly grabbed Tabs and sent her to Bunny’s Place. Luckily Riley wasn’t around. She’s upstairs with the princesses. She spent the night there.

I’ll let her explore a bit first. We have time.

A thought occurred to me – bring little Hiro out. This might interest Misty, right?

Misty wasn’t interested in Hiro, though. Gerald was. So I let Hiro wander about, but this didn’t attract Misty.

We tied the raffia string to the door handle. Misty was now in the porch again. Let’s hope she doesn’t understand what the raffia string is for.

I waited again, keeping as calm as I can.

After awhile, Misty came in. I waited until she started eating. Very calmly and stealthily, I approached the raffia string and started pulling very, very quietly. I did not know how long the string was. Misty was still eating. Within seconds, I gave a jerk and slammed the door shut.

We’ve got her!!!

Misty jumped up and ran towards the door. She banged on the door, but only once.

Poor Misty, I’m so, so sorry…

She’s not injured in any way, just a little shocked, but definitely not as bad as Riley or Samantha were when they were caught/tricked in the same way.

Phew…we did it! And yes, Gerald helped.  Gerald, you helped a lot. You showed Misty it was alright to come into the house. Thank you, Gerald.

Next is to get her into a carrier and to take her to the vet’s. I haven’t figured out how to get her into a carrier yet…

Now, I’m letting Misty familiarise herself with the house and feel safe first.

Misty has also been spending a lot of time in our porch (just as Samantha was previously) so I doubt she has kittens anywhere. I think Hiro is the only kitten who survived.

It’s time to get her spayed and I hope my job will be done. No more new ones, please.