Were the dogs provoked?

I saw a news report on an area which has a colony of stray dogs. Some residents claimed that they were attacked by the dogs. A representative, who, by the way, claimed that he was a dog lover, said something has to be done and has urged the authorities to “do something”.

Names of the residents who said they had been attacked by the dogs were given, with details of where they were bitten.

But nothing is said what happened PRIOR to being allegedly attacked.

Were the dogs provoked in any way?

As far as we know, dogs, even feral ones normally will not attack UNLESS they have been provoked. The provocation can range from being threatened with the wave of a stick to other ways. If the dogs operate in a pack, then there will be a natural tendency for them to protect their territory from intrusion. If that is the case, please do not infringe into areas where there are many dogs. It is common sense, isn’t it? This kind of dog needs training for them to be able to have good behavior; you can find more info here when you click on the link https://www.mlk9.com/.

Don’t humans also protect their own homes from intruders? It is the same. This earth belongs to the animals too. We need to respect that and respect their territories.

Do you remember years ago there was a case of a pedigree dog who escaped from his house and attacked an elderly lady? That’s the part we hear, that the dog attacked an elderly lady. But what happened prior to that attack?

Here’s what happened and this is from a reliable source (I think many of us will still remember this case):

The big dog was looked after by a foreign helper who had no love for him. He grew up hating women.

That old lady walks her little pet dog every day and she passes the house in which this dog was staying. Her little pet dog would bark at the big dog each time it passes that house. The big dog will always react by barking back and jumping on the gate. That old lady will try to frighten the big dog with her walking stick and scold him. One fine day that foreign helper did not latch the gate properly and so the big dog found its way out, attacked and killed that old lady.

On the surface, it looks like the big dog is a mean killer. But behind it all, it is a combination of what happened in its life that made him attack.

Isn’t that sad?

In the first place, if the owners (dare I call them “dog parents”) don’t intend to look after the big dog, for goodness’ sake, please do not adopt the dog and leave it to the helper to “look after” him. It isn’t fair to adopt a dog and leave him in the hands of a helper who does not even love him at all.

And the old lady who walks her little pet dog did not have the common sense not to pass by this house on a daily basis knowing that big dog would bark. Small pet dogs are known to be very vocal as this is their natural tendency. Knowing that her pet dog would bark at the big dog and that the big dog would bark back and charge at the gate, why continue letting this happen on a daily basis? Isn’t that courting trouble?

Using a stick to frighten a big dog? Don’t do that, please. Do you like to have someone use a weapon to threaten you on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you also reach a limit where you cannot take it anymore and will react?

A senior vet told me before (and I already know this since I grew up with dogs in my childhood) that when you see a fierce dog, just stay still. Do not move a muscle. Dogs do not have good vision. They sense movement and smell. So if you stay very still, there is a better chance that the dog will not attack you. But then again, dogs also read minds, so if they sense a negative vibe, they might respond accordingly to protect themselves.

The negative vibe could be fear or anger on our part. Being able to keep very, very calm and collected is a skill. Being able to maintain a positive vibe in the face of danger is a greater skill and challenge.

All said, whenever we see reports of dog attacks, very seldom will the humans say what happened prior to the attack.

And that is unfair.

Humans, leave them be. Do not court trouble.

Here is a list of don’ts:

  • Ever leave a child unattended with any animal.
  • Run from a dog.
  • Scream or make frantic gestures.
  • Pet a strange dog or try to give it food.
  • Tease a dog.
  • Startle a dog.
  • Approach a strange dog, especially if there are puppies present.
  • Touch a sleeping dog; awaken it with your voice first from a safe distance.







One response to “Were the dogs provoked?”

  1. Jocelyn Ng

    I absolutely agree 100%. This is pure logic.
    Humans are known to court trouble and play victim, victimising the ones that can’t talk back, to explain themselves.
    I am a stray feeder and rescuer for 11 years. I don’t claim to be an expert on dog behaviour but I do understand why dogs behave the way they do under certain circumstances. I learn what not to do to avoid getting myself hurt.
    Till this day, I have yet to encounter aggressive dogs I feed, even if they are in a pack, even those I am not familiar with,feed on a chance encounter.
    From experiences, dogs tend to keep a safe distance from humans, even with feeders they are familiar with. Dogs will protect themselves if provoked and threatened in any way. It’s a natural instinct of any living species. Humans included. ABUSED CHILDREN ARE KNOWN TO GROW UP TO BE KILLERS.