Indy eats…on his own!!

Ever since Indy started recovering from this loose stools, I made the judgment call to convert Indy back to a 100% raw diet and it has been good for him. He does not vomit in the morning (this is rare but it has really stopped) and he looks good.


But he won’t eat on his own. It’s part of him being mengada-ngada. 

So because I really have no time to deal with his mengada-ngada nowadays, what with so many zones to feed and Jayden to look after, I have been force feeding him three times a day. It only take about 1 minute to force feed him because he eats very willingly.

So bukan tak boleh makan, saja mengada-ngada, wants me to feed him.

He was like this way back for months too – just wants me to feed him by putting food into his mouth which he would happily swallow.

Sigh….macam-macam, our Indy Jones.

But today, out of the blue, he ate by himself!!

This is Monge’s Monoprotein 100% Rabbit. I have a few cartons, so I thought I’d just give them an occasional treat. Ecopet is discontinuing this range already. There is no demand for it.

Indy likes it.

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