The Princesses

I definitely recall that when Minnie’s boys were about this age (5 weeks plus), they were already eating by themselves and zooming in every day to the kitchen to sapu habis their meals. We called it the “Formula One”, how they zoomed in, four in a row, so fast that I could not even take a video of them doing it. Like racing cars.

But look at the princesses….

Aduhai…still needs to be served this way. Indra still needs me to feed her by hand first, then only she will eat by herself.

All manja-fied princesses!

From today’s isolation, I think it was Gerald who had the loose stools this morning. It isn’t Samantha and it is not Riley. Maybe Gerald ate something outside?  Or maybe he had a reaction to the Monge Monoprotein which I gave him as a treat this morning. But I will monitor him. He seems totally okay this evening. Ate his dinner. Hopefully, it is just a one-off episode.