Misty and the princesses

No, they are not in the same room! This is just a post about them.

That’s Misty mewing loudly at me.

This morning, the house at the back had renovation/construction again, so it was very loud and noisy (more about this house later). I went into the room and Misty did not hear me! So I just stood there and observed her. She was totally relaxed!

I did show my vet the photos of Misty’s surgical site. She says sometimes the outer skin looks totally healed (as does Misty’s) but the layers of muscle underneath may need more time to heal. That part, we cannot see. So I still cannot release her yet.

About that house at the back – it was totally demolished and was being built from scratch, but the construction started BEFORE the MCO. It is still not ready. Triple facepalm, I know. I wonder how much longer it is going to take. It’s already 3 years now…

About Misty, I haven’t had enough time to socialise with her because there’s so much to do. I think she can be socialised. She’s not as feral as Samantha. She was also easier to catch than Riley or Samantha. But look at Riley now! She is so, so affectionate. I remember Riley’s first visit to the vet’s. She went completely and totally wild in the examination room. Like a ferocious wild animal.

I also haven’t had enough time with Samantha as well. I only go into the room about 4-5 times a day. I cannot risk letting Samantha free in the house because she might escape when someone opens the door and that would be a total waste and nightmare. But Samantha is still behaving like Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde. When her kittens are with her, she is totally friendly to me. But the moment she is alone, she still hisses at me. Oh well…

But Riley spends a lot of time in the room with Samantha and the princesses. Just now, I walked in and Riley and Samantha were lying down side by side. Aww…I think either Riley is really Samantha’s biological daughter from an earlier litter or Samantha acted as Riley’s mentor while she was a kitten and so Riley looks up to her as a mother-figure. The two of them are really close.

Meanwhile, here are the princesses:

Today I wanted to train the girls to eat from a metal bowl. Only Indra knew how to do it.

Kai and Akira refused to eat from a metal bowl. They still wanted Tupperwares. Mahal punya taste? 

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