The girls are confirmed princesses and Samantha’s golden mouth

All the girls are confirmed girls! They had their check-up today and were dewormed.

Guess who is the heaviest amongst them?

Hint: Indra was the smallest, is still the youngest.

Yes, you guessed right!

Indra 820g !!!
Kai 805g
Akira 735g

Indra has overtaken Kai!!

They are all of a healthy weight and given a clean bill of health. At 8 weeks, they can be vaccinated.

Some photos of the princesses this morning before we departed for the trip to the vet’s:

Next up was Samantha.

She had to be dewormed, so the vet tried with a pill popper. That failed. Then the vet assistant tried. That failed too. Then I said I would try. And I managed to get the pill into the mouth but got bitten in the process. It ended with just one tablet (should be one and a half) inside the mouth, which the assistant and vet pushed in with the pill popper after I plonked the tablet in. Samantha just closed her mouth and clenched her teeth so tightly, you absolutely cannot push the pill popper in or open her mouth. I only managed to for a split second before she snapped it shut. As a result, both the vet and I got bitten by Her Royal Calico-Highness.

Th vet gave me some iodine.

It’s five hours after the bite now, it’s still hurting like crazy and totally swollen. My left thumb will be immobilised for at least a week now.

Anyway, Samantha was partially dewormed, also vaccinated, applied Advocate spot-on. She can already be spayed on Tuesday, but after that, I have to separate the kittens from her so that they don’t suckle for comfort.

And the best news is that Samantha is FIV or FeLV negative! Yay!

I’ll write more later. My thumb hurts like crazy as I type this.

P.S. Samantha is exactly like Cleo – both have a golden mouth. If you try to pry the mouth open, gold might fall out from it. Both are coincidentally Calicos with cattitude!