Jayden and Hiro

Jayden loves playing with Hiro.

But Jayden has grown so strong now and he doesn’t know his own strength. And Hiro is still very small sized, so I cannot leave the two of them unsupervised.

Hiro is playing hide-and-seek with Jayden. But partly, also hiding from Jayden.

Where are you, Hiro?

There you are!

Hiro comes out…

Shh…Jayden doesn’t know.

Hiro’s going to sneak up on Jayden…shhh…

There you are!!

Let’s play hide-and-seek again, Hiro!

Where are you…..?!!

I’m here!!

But Jayden is still a bit too rough for a tiny kitten now, so I cannot let him play with Hiro unsupervised.

Hence, I borrowed Ginger’s sick bay and rolled it into the dining room. Hiro cannot be confined in the kitchen nursery anymore now. He can totally scale his way out even though he is so small. So I dismantled the nursery and set up this “sick bay” (sorry, that’s what we call it, maybe we should just rename it as Ginger’s Cage as Hiro isn’t sick anymore now and neither is Ginger!) in the dining room.

Instead of the kitchen nursery, he will be confined in here, a temporary nursery until he is big enough and more solid. If Hiro was as solid and big as the girls upstairs, I won’t worry about Jayden accidentally crushing him.

Hiro will be let out to play with Jayden under supervision.

But believe it or not, Jayden watched me and figured out how to open the latch, so he freed Hiro. When I put Hiro back and told him he must not do it, Jayden brought a baby book for Hiro. Aww… It’s one of his own favourite baby books made of cloth which he liked when he was a baby.

Eat up, Hiro. You need to put on weight.

Such a good little kitten!

Just like the Monsters, I was told they were of a “common” and unattractive “colour”, hence not adoptable. It will probably be very difficult to find Hiro a home too, so I’m looking for a godparent for Hiro. This means, I will look after Hiro until I am incapacitated or I die (this sounds like life insurance, right? – death and permanent disability) after which the godparent will take him.

Would anyone be interested to be Hiro’s godparent? If I am not incapacitated and I outlive him, the godparent does not need to do a single thing. Perhaps just enjoy the blogposts about him!

Requirements for the godparent: Sincerity, honesty (in your agreement and commitment) and love Hiro for life.