Samantha reunites with her Princesses!

Sam was already so restless the whole of yesterday.

This morning, she couldn’t take it anymore. She kept showing me that she wanted to go over to see her kittens, so I opened the bathroom doors that connect the two rooms.

Open Sesame!!

Akira went to her mum. Aww…

Indra and Kai came to me…haha.

And Riley was so, so busy coordinating the reunion!

Everyone was so excited they forgot to eat!

Finally, only Akira and Indra came to eat. Kai, as usual, was too busy playing. She was trying to get behind the headboard of the bed in Riley’s room.

I stayed with them for awhile to make sure the kittens weren’t interested in suckling anymore. They weren’t. Although cats do not smile, I think Samantha was really happy to see her kittens. The kittens were more happy because now they could dart to and from two rooms.

Riley was so busy ensuring that they were all okay.

I’ll be checking up on them more often today. It’s one day early to “release” Samantha, but I’m not releasing her back to the street, just to reunite with her kittens.


…it’s Tabs and Hiro downstairs now.

Tabs is a completely non-violent cat, so she will never attack anyone. I don’t have to worry about this, for sure!

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