My new Hiro-ic bodyguard!

When I go for my walks or do taiji in the park, my bodyguards are now Gerald, Misty and Creamy. And yes, the equilibrium at the porch is better than I had expected. Misty seems to be less of a gangster now. Creamy comes back to eat.

But indoors, I now have a new bodyguard!

It’s Little Hiro!

He sleeps next to me now. And Riley, ever since she discharged herself from babysitting duties, sleeps next to my head. Tabs used to sleep on my pillow but now that it’s crowded, she has taken up a basket in the kitchen. Hiro has grown a little bigger so I’m not afraid I might accidentally crush him anymore. I hope he grows bigger a little faster!

Unlike Riley who insists on only eating upstairs in her room, Hiro eats anywhere and everywhere!

I’m hoping Hiro can teach Riley to eat in the kitchen.

This morning, Hiro decided to follow me upstairs too. Look at him!

For his weight gain programme, I’m trying to give him more of Coco&Joe’s Premium Combo which is high protein and  specially formulated for weight gain.

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