WinWin’s updates – from Survivor Shelter


If you remember, exactly one week ago, the vet only gave WinWin two more days to live.

But under the care of a dedicated fosterer, WinWin made slow but steady progress and today, Ms Ong took WinWin for her next Darbepoetin jab.

What WinWin has is IMHA (immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia) and the mortality rate is high. In many cases, it is fatal within the first few days or weeks.

WinWin’s PCV last week was only 7% but today, it has increased to 15.5%.

This is absolutely fantastic news!!

Ms Ong and WinWin at the clinic.

We wish WinWin steady progress and may she recover fully in time.

Survivor Shelter comes under our Sponsored Shelter. We provide food aid and we will also help with the neutering of their unneutered dogs (this offer is for a certain period of time).

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