Cat Litter Conundrum

Joy here, everyone!

I am sure many Cat pawrents will agree with me that any one point in their pawrenthood, they would have the Cat Litter Conundrum.  From choosing the right cat litter to the right tray, you somehow, will not get it perfectly right.  But once you find that answer to the mysteries of it all, it is a call for celebration.

I still do have some who sometimes do it out-of-the-box. Like really next to the box (sigh!)… but generally, they are good kids and will do in the confines of their “water closet”

I have 15 who lives indoor with me. More than half are seniors and thankfully, still healthy.  I have 17 litter trays, scattered around the house. Some are Divas who refuse to use a toilet that has been used. Some prefer not to step on the litter, perhaps not liking the texture.  I have experimented, failed and finally succeeded (for now), in figuring out the solution to this conundrum!  Let me share the secret.

I use 2 types of cat litter: Tofu and Wee Wee Pads!

I put 2 types of litter as you can see.  What I do is I place newspapers in between the wee wee pads, in case they scratch and pee out of the pads, as you can see in the crumpled paper (yellow tray) below.    The top and bottom layers are wee wee pads (facing up and down respectively).   When they do it neatly, I only need to change the top wee wee pad, as you can see in the green tray – the newspaper is untouched.  So I will use it till it is dirty.   The lined papers under the tray is because Pedro tends to stand and pee, hence his pee goes over the tray, if he decides to use the low ones.


A fresh wee wee pad in the tray will look like this :



And doubles as a nap / hideout place for them too 🙂



And the moral of the story?  You can never figure cats out.  When you think you do, they will come up with surprises for you.  Do not give up.  I have used all kinds of litter, but I will always choose what they prefer, and the ones that are safe for them.  So the bentonite ones are definitely banned in my household.  For now, the cat litter conundrum has reached some sort of equilibrium so I can heave a sigh of relief.

Do share what you do to solve this conundrum in your household. Looking forward to your sharing!