Oh no…what happened, Hiro?

I had to put Hiro in the cage at the patio because Jayden is now so strong and Hiro is still a little too small. Jayden wants to play with Hiro, but he doesn’t know how to control his strength yet.

He’s so used to playing with Ginger and with Ginger, you can put your entire adult weight on him and he’d be totally okay with it.

So Hiro had to go into the cage.

Then I heard Hiro complaining and I didn’t pay much attention to him until…

Oh no!! Hiro had squeezed out of the cage between the railings!! I didn’t know he could do this. And he was already scaling the screen door to get into the house.

Don’t worry, Smurfy isn’t attacking Hiro. He’s trying to help.

So I had to bring Hiro in again and monitor the two boys playing.

Where are you, Hiro?

Here I am!

Where are you going with those scoops, Jayden?

Wow, will I soon have an assistant cat poop scooper?