Oh no….who is Costello?

Prior to this, Cheeto, the smallish ginger cat tried to come into our colony from the back (Bunny’s Place’s ledge) but it was just a friendly visit.

Today, a new cat came. I’ve never seen him before and he’s huge.

The Monsters raised the alert. I knew it was Robin’s voice. Robin’s voice is like that of the cooing of a pigeon.

It goes like this: Kruuu…kruuu…kruuu….

So I went out to check saw this big black cat at Stargate2.

He’s not entirely black, though. His bottom half is dark brownish, like the colour of rust.

Ginger and the Monsters were at the forefront. I know for sure if I opened Stargate, several cats would now be on the way to the vet’s. Our Monster pack would have fought him off.

But I don’t know who would have won, though.

So I opened the gate, squeezed out and chased him away.

He wasn’t exactly scared of me either. He took his own sweet time.


Of course at first glance, I was afraid of him too. But remember that I was also afraid of Gerald, but he turned out to be a total pussycat. Looks can be deceiving. But not today, I’m not mentally prepared for another catching attempt. I have a full day’s schedule today.

I’m naming him Frank Costello. Or, Costello for short.

That would be the real-life Mafia godfather. Not the fictional Vito Corleone, but the real-life one.

While I was inviting Costello to please go home, I found Gerald hiding under our car. Oh gosh…Gerald is afraid of Costello.

It was only after Costello took his time to leave our gate that Gerald came out of hiding.

Poor Gerald.

It’s smart of Gerald not to fight when he has no confidence or his gut tells him not to fight. That’s playing it smart. It’s okay if you don’t want to fight, Gerald. Staying safe is more important.

Uncle Ginger has called off the alert.

Stand down, guys. The fellow’s gone away. 

Only Lynx stayed far behind in safety. He wasn’t at the forefront. Lynx is not a fighter. He is a very peaceful and friendly cat.

Where is Rey? Oh, Rey is with the Super Seniors, oblivious to the whole altercation!


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