Gerald visits Ginger’s Catio

Gerald come into the house today. But he has developed the tendency to spray urine, so I tested him out in Ginger’s Catio. The last time he went in, the Monsters surrounded him like a pack of wolves and Gerald was very frightened.

Ginger and Gerald!

Will Ginger accept the presence of another male ginger cat? Only time can tell.

The Monsters came one by one to check Gerald out.

Smurfy: You’re an imposter. You’re not our Uncle Ginger.

But Gerald went into the cage and sprayed urine. Sigh.

Jayden meets his old friend, Ginger.

Gerald spent about 15 minutes visiting before Robin attacked him. Poor Gerald. He was so frightened. Robin was quite ferocious too. He chased Gerald to the back of the catio, then Gerald turned around and hissed back. It was then that I managed to scoop Gerald up and put him back safely outside in the garden.

Robin and Smurfy take turns being leaders of the wolf pack. I mean, the Monster pack. But behind the scenes, the one pulling the puppet strings is….none other than Uncle Ginger.

Don’t let his mild demeanour fool you. Underneath that oh-so-innocent face is a very clever and sneaky puppet master!!

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