Hiro eats like a hero!

Hiro has been eating a lot today!

Looks like his appetite has finally picked up after three weeks.

Hiro was brought to our porch by Misty on 16th March 2023 so it’s exactly three weeks today. For new readers, he was diagnosed with severe flu, fever and a collapsed right lung. After two weeks on antibiotics and other medicines, Hiro has been given a clean bill of health! His right lung is working again. The only thing is that he was still underweight and the vet wants him to put on more weight.

Hiro’s weight was 363g when first rescued three weeks ago. I weighed him just now and he tipped the scales at 637g. I don’t know if this weight is enough for him to be vaccinated yet, so we will let the vet decide.

Based on the fact that Samantha and Misty were pregnant at the same time, and Misty came to eat after she had delivered, my guess is that Hiro must be roughly the same age as the Princesses upstairs. That being the case, Hiro should be 7-8 weeks old. When first rescued, he already had his canines, so he was estimated to be 4-5 weeks old.

I have been trying to get Hiro to eat, but he had a small appetite….until today!

Today, he really ate and ate!

I have lost count of how many times he asked for food today, but whenever he asked, I gave!

He ate Coco&Joe’s, Cubgrub, canned food (just as a treat), Primal Freeze-Dried and even steamed tilapia.

Eating steamed tilapia, shared with Jayden!

Eating with Riley.

Sapu habis! 

Hiro may not be able to put on enough weight for his first vaccination this weekend, but we are in no rush as he is indoors. We will wait until he is heavy enough to be vaccinated.

Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished.

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