Hiro’s visit to the catio

Hiro’s eating much better this morning!

I usually supplement all the raw food with my own cut-up meat, liver and the Monsters get gizzards too. Feeding 18 feline mouths is no joke. Raw food is expensive. For the Monsters, they get bigger pieces of meat.

Here’s Tabs, Riley and Hiro eating in the kitchen this morning. Riley only ate an anorexic meal.

If you are interested in these Made-in-India stainless steel bowls of really good quality, I got the ones on the left at the Mr DIY at Aeon Big in Subang Jaya. Not all Mr DIYs sell this product. I’ve searched at other outlets, they don’t sell it. The small one are really useful.

Next, Hiro asked to go out to the catio.

No bullying…so far. Our cats normally do not bully kittens.

But not so with a far-off neighbour’s cat, though. This neighbour asked me for advice on feeding a little stray 2-month-old kitten who had wandered into his porch one day. So I shared the food I had with him. All was well until I asked the other day, and he told me sadly that his other adult cat broke into the box where kitten was and mangled the poor little thing to death. Vicious…but cats are obligate carnivores, so it can be in their nature to do that.