Misty and Gerald can eat a 100% raw meal!!

It only took one day to convert Misty!

Gerald has been exposed to raw food before this, but yesterday, both of them had raw food mixed with their canned food.

This morning, I tried 100% raw and both finished it!

Misty actually preferred the cut-up raw meat to Coco’s. But Gerald prefers Coco’s.

I gave them Coco’s and cut-up raw meat. They showed some preference, but eventually sapu habis.

Creamy was late, and by the time he came, I was on the way out to the park with Jayden, so I just gave him canned food.

I don’t know how much Gerald and Misty can eat, but they seem to have bottomless pits in their stomachs!

Creamy would need more persuasion to eat raw food since he has a home on the back street.