Creamy’s boycott

Gerald and Misty had a raw meal breakfast today.

By the way, I was scrolling through past blogposts this morning and came across a cat I had named Trixie during Samantha’s free roaming days. Actually, Trixie is Misty!!

I thought Misty was a new tortie, but no, Misty is Trixie!

Misty Trixie! Trixie Misty!

Anyway, by mid-morning, Creamy came, and since I had some time, I thought I’d try him with some raw food.

It was only one teaspoon mixed with canned food.

It was a TOTAL boycott!

Creamy: Here’s my butt.

I removed some of the raw food, but he still refused to eat until I removed all of it. Every single bit.

Heidi was like that too, initially, she wouldn’t even come into the kitchen if she smelled raw food. It took me one month of concerted effort to convert Heidi. Or, did Heidi just forget that it was raw food? Hahaha…

Creamy will need more work, I know, because he is outdoors. And I think he has food from home. He only comes to socialise and say hello.

By the way, Bushy came into the porch this morning when Misty and Gerald were eating. I shoo-ed him off. If I had more time on my hands, I would have made friends with him, fed him and then, catch him for neutering, but I simply don’t have the time now and this is all I can do…for now.

Bushy wears a collar and is somebody’s pedigree cat. Pedigree or not, I don’t really know, but he is “bushy”. He is not neutered, that’s for sure.

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